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House in the Woods
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Easy as Pie

A Thirteen Page Short Script

Leanne always dreamed of her daughter Ashley ending up with a doctor.  Now that it's happened, Ashley is terrified to confess that the doctor is a woman.  A story about mothers, daughters, and the healing love of lemon meringue pie. 

Selected for production against ninety-seven short scripts in USC’s School of Cinematic Arts senior film class

The Hanging of Mary Lewis

A First Act Sample of the Drama Pilot

Wales, 1780s.  Mary Lewis has talent for healing and midwifery… and for mouthing off to the wrong people.   When six dead bodies wash up ashore a small, coastal town, the townsfolk turn against each other to find the killer and the local lord accuses Mary of witchcraft to hide his own sins.  The more the town treats Mary like a witch, the more she seems to become one.  

Awarded Thesis Distinction; Austin Film Festival 2016 Second Rounder; Selected for submission to Humanitas Student Fellowship

Girl in the War

A Ten Page Sample of the Feature Screenplay

Henry followed his dreams and flew in the Air Force for his country.  Grace grew up in a seemingly perfect, nuclear, military family.  Almost two decades after 9/11, both Father and Daughter set off on a cross-country road trip, facing against each other, their memories, and their fears for the future.

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The Dead Character Cafe

A Look at What Happens after The End It’s seven o’clock and the place is hopping. Even dead, Gatsby’s still the life of the party, but...

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